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Election Results – April 5, 2022

A big shout out to the poll workers who helped with this election – Melody W, Emily L, Brenna B, Judy T and Rebecca S.  I could not have done it without you and you are very much appreciated!  We had a pretty good turn out of 101 voters.  Attached are the results!

Leah Spicer
Town Clerk Clyde
6281 State Road 130
Avoca, WI 53506

Election Results – April 6, 2021

Please see attached election results for the Town of Clyde.  If you would like to see all of Iowa County’s election results please visit  

Congratulations to our 2021 -2023 Town of Clyde Board:
Robert Dries, Chairman
David Price, Supervisor
Rebecca Sadler, Supervisor
Deanna Brennum, Clerk
Tom Spicer, Treasurer

I would also like to thank outgoing supervisor Charlotte Mitchell Smith for her service! Thank you to all that ran.

I also want to thank the elections workers who once again saved the day, Rebecca S, Emily L, Regina F, Art T, Judy T, Sally L and Deb K.  It makes an election go so smooth when we have such great and dedicated people!  Have a great night!

Deanna L. Brennum
Town of Clyde Clerk
3070 County Road I
Avoca, WI  53506