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Town Dump – Shingle Disposal and Misc Info

Hi. I had a recent call about asphalt shingle disposal. Please note the following for future reference. Shingles are not permitted at the Town dump site. You have 2 other options.First, you can haul them yourself to the Town and Country Disposal yard at Hys 130 and 14 outside of Lone Rock. The fee is an $8 scale charge and 8 cents per pound. Secondly, you can rent a dumpster from Town and Country 608-375-5856 (or any other company of your choice).In either case, you can add other construction debris to the load.  

T & C Dumpster Prices
4 yard= $210.00 (Dimensions: 7.5 x 5 x 4) **NO CONCRETE**

(This includes the delivery, removal & disposal)

6 yard= $310.00 (Dimensions: 10 x 5 x 5) **NO CONCRETE**

(This includes the delivery, removal & disposal)

14 yard=$395.00 (Dimensions: 16 x 5 x 4)

(This includes the delivery, removal & disposal for up to 3 ton. Anything over 3 ton is $60.00 per ton.)

20 yard=$480.00 (Dimensions: 22 x 6.5 x 4)

(This includes the delivery, removal & disposal for up to 4 ton. Anything over 4 ton is $60.00 per ton.)

30 yard=$580.00 (Dimensions: 22 x 7.5 x 5)

(This includes the delivery, removal & disposal for up to 6 ton. Anything over 6 ton is $60.00 per ton.)

All prices are based on a 2 week time period. Anything over 2 weeks we charge a $50 per weekly charge. All payments are due in full in advance or upon delivery.

 The following items are not allowed in the dumpster: Appliances ,Tires ,Electronics,Yard Waste, Batteries,Oil/oil filters,Asbestos, Ashes   

Thanks. Bob Dries, Chair

Election 8\14\18 results



Scott Walker 20

Robert Meyer 2

LT. Govenor:

Rebecca Kleefisch 19

Attorney General:

Brad Schinke 18

Secretary of State:

Jay Schroeder 14

Spencer Zimmerman 1

State Treasurer:

Travis Hartwig 11

Jill Millies 4


George C. Lucia 1

Leah Vukmir 6

Griffin Jones 0

Kevin Nicholson 13

Charles Barman 0

Rep. in Congress:

Joey Wayne Reed 0

Senate Dist. 17:

Howard Marklien 20

Rep to Assembly Dist.51 :

Todd Novak 17


Steve Michek 17

county coroner:

Wendell Hamlin 17

County Clerk of Circuit Court:

Lia N. Leahy 18



Andy Gronik 0

Matt Flynn 2

Tony Evers 20

Josh Pade 0

Mike McCabe 10

Mahlon Mitchell 5

Kelda Helen Roys 2

Paul Soglin 7

KathleenVinehout 13

Dana Wachs 0

Paul Boucher 0

Lt. Govenor:

Kurt Kober 12

Mandela Barnes 44

Corban Gehler 0

William Henry Davis III 0

Attorney General:

Josh Keul 54

Secretary of State:

Doug La Follete 35

Arniva Martin 21


Dawn Marie Sass 17

Cynthia Kaump 8

Sarah Godlewski 30


Tammy Baldwin 58

Rep. In Congress:

Mark Pocan 57

State Senator Dist 17 :

Kriss Marion 56

Rep to Assembly Dist. 51

Jeff Wright 57