Fire Dept and EMS Info

The Town of Clyde Fire Department and EMS services are provided by the Lone Rock Fire District headquartered in Lone Rock, WI

Towns of Buena Vista, Ithica, Clyde, and the Village of Lone Rock make up the municipalities in the fire district. Each municipality contributes a proportional share of the District’s annual budget, which is collected with your property tax.

How the fire district tax is determined.

The equalized value of the improvements (buildings, not land) of each  municipality in the district is taken from the tax role and added together. The total is divided by each municipalities $ amount to determine its percentage. The fire district budget total is divided by each muni’s percent to determine its $ share.

Clyde is currently ranked second in percent. Payments are made quarterly. The current 2019 quarterly payment is $8,629.50


Fire District meetings are held quarterly.  The District Board is made up of a representative of each municipality.  The fire chief and clerk are also present at the meetings.


The fire department charges a fee for its services, billed to the property owner:

1st hour of call out – $600

Each succeeding hour – $400, calculated in quarter hours.

1st False Alarm – Free

2nd and succeeding calls – $600 per call

EMS Assistance

1st call – free

2nd and succeeding calls for the same individual – $125 per call

EMS calls are billed by  EMS.

State law requires a fire vehicle to be sent to any substantial auto accident. The $600 fee is to be paid by the vehicle driver(s), regardless of where they are from. (Some auto insurers cover this). However, the fire district bills the Town where the accident occurs for the fee, and the Town is responsible to collect it from the driver. The Town Treasurer is in charge of collections. All fees are put into the Fire District’s capital expenditure account (trucks and equipment).

Burning Permits

Burning permits are required for any outdoor burning. They are available on the DNR website.

Additional Information

For additional information, contact Millie Rott, 608-415-1247