General LRPC Information

Town of Clyde Long Range Plan Information


In August of 1992 the Town of Clyde formally adopted a Long Range Plan. Prior to adoption of the Plan, a planning committee reviewed existing plans from neighboring towns, held public hearings and sent out a questionnaire to Clyde residents. This information as used as the basis for the Clyde Long Range Plan. A final draft was completed and approved by Town residents at a public meeting and then approved by the Town Board. At this point the Town also adopted Village powers, a step required at that time to insure the legality of the Plan.

The original plan was 12 pages long. It specified a minimum acreage size for building sites. It established policies to deal with environmental concerns and other practices to preserve the rural character of the Town. It also contained standards for commercial and agricultural development. Another section of the plan established a permanent 7-member committee to review proposed land use and zoning changes. For the next 12 years this plan was used to guide the Committee and Town Board in decisions regarding land use.

In 2004 the State of Wisconsin passed a law requiring all town and municipalities in the state to establish a Long Range Plan if they did not already have one. Although Clyde did have one, it was deemed necessary at the time to revise the Plan using standards established by the Southwestern Regional Planning Commission. The SWRPC is an agency that serves county, town and city governments in its area. After a lengthy review process that again included public input as well as guidance from SWRPC, a revised plan was approved and adopted by the Town Board on Nov 9th, 2004.

The current plan is approximately 250 pages. It contains valuable information regarding Town geography, history, demographics, agriculture and natural resources. However, the core of the plan remains much the same as in the original one. It is located in Section H, Land Use Element. The entire plan is available here LINK.

How It Works

Iowa County is the zoning authority for the Town of Clyde. (LINK) However, since the establishment of the Clyde Long Range Plan, the zoning office at Iowa County sends anyone asking for a zoning or land use change to the Town Plan Commission for its approval as the first step in the process. The feeling of both state and county agencies is that decisions regarding land use change approvals or disapprovals should be handled at the local level, since these are the people directly affected by these decisions.

The Clyde Long Range Planning Commission meets on an as needed basis on the first Tuesdays of the month. Applications are reviewed and any action taken by the Commission is then forwarded to the Town Board. The Town Board at its meeting then formally makes a recommendation which is turned over to the County zoning office. The applicant must then take the steps necessary at the County level to get his application approved by Iowa County Zoning.


The Clyde Long Range Planning Commission consists of 7 members. They are appointed by the Town Board for indefinite terms. Below is a list of the current members. Please note that Deanna Brennum is the Town Clerk and is not a Plan Commission member. However, she also acts as the Clerk for the Plan Commission. Anyone interested in being on the Commission should contact the Chairman.

Tom Landmann (Chair)
6337 County Road N
Avoca, WI 53506
(608) 532-6013 (office)
(608) 843-0861 (cell) 

Dave Price
3093 County Road I
Avoca, WI 53506
(608) 583-2541

Arlyne Johnson
3788 County Road C
Spring Green, WI  53588
(608) 553-562

Dennis Gilbertson
3570 County Road C
Spring Green WI 53588
583-2115 (7 – 11 am)

J W Hefty
2975 Maple Hollow Rd
Avoca, WI 53506
(608) 739-2943

Clarence Johnson
2428 State Road 133
PO Box 65
Avoca, WI 53506
(608) 532-6586

Krome Burke-Scoll
5797 Valley Road
Avoca, WI  53506
(608) 929-4100

Deanna Brennum (Town clerk, non-member)
3070 County Road I
Avoca, WI  53506
Cell:  608-487-0795


An application form for Land Use changes in the Town of Clyde is available as a link under THE  LONG RANGE PLAN INFORMATION heading in the Main Menu. Please read the instructions carefully. If you then have questions, please call or e-mail Thomas Landmann, the current chairman.


The Clyde Long Range Plan Commission meets on an as needed basis on the first Tuesday of the month. Applications must be filed 3 weeks prior to a meeting date with the Town Clerk. This allows enough time for the Commission members, adjacent neighbors and other interested parties to be notified. The state open meetings law requires a public posting of the meetings 24 hours in advance at 3 locations in the Town.  IN ADDITION, the Clyde LRPC Guideline Ordinance requires written notification to any property owners who may be impacted by the land use change. Please refer to Sections 2.4A and 2.4B in the Ordinance. A link is at the bottom right of this page.


Agendas for upcoming meetings will be posted on this site when at all practical. As of 2008 the state has not yet ruled on whether posting on a website constitutes a public posting. LRPC meeting notice postings (agendas) will continue to the made at the Clyde Community Center.

Other Considerations

The Town of Clyde also has a driveway ordinance. It may also impact on any plans you have regarding your plans for land use. Contact Bob Dries (608-393-0464) for more information regarding driveways.

The Town of Clyde also requires building permits for any new 1 or 2 family building construction. This is in addition to any zoning permits issued by Iowa County. Contact Bob Dries (608-393-0464) for more information (Clyde Building Inspector).

A Point Of Information

Zoning, regardless of the process, has sometimes resulted in contentious issues for local governments. As it currently stands, zoning/land use decisions made by the Town LRPC and Town Board are recommendations that are passed on to the County Zoning Committee. Although these recommendations carry a great deal of weight with the County Zoning Committee, it is within their authority to deny or approve an application contrary to the Town recommendation. To further complicate the matter, the County Board can reverse a County Zoning Committee decision with a ¾ majority vote. In all of these steps it is the responsibility of the Town residents impacted by the zoning decision to attend all of the necessary meetings and make their opinions known if they wish to have an impact on the final decision.

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